Project Description

Collective purchases of the best equipment at the best prices

Our team, like other volunteers, have faced dishonest suppliers, exaggerated prices and logistics difficulties. As for today we have gained experience and the necessary knowledge to avoid mistakes and work as efficiently as possible. In order to share our experience and help others buy quality military equipment at a good price, we developed the project “My Armor”.

“My Armor” is a mechanism that allows us to combine the requests from other volunteer groups to guarantee a better purchase price, avoid unreliable suppliers, optimize delivery and simplify border crossings with volunteer cargo as humanitarian aid. It also allows us to share experiences and find new opportunities.

How does it work?

We receive requests from you for specific equipment, such as bulletproof vests or thermal imagers, collect the required number of units for purchase, make wholesale purchases and ensure delivery of parcel to Ukraine. Then you receive your part and deliver it to the defenders for whom you bought these much needed items.
To insure the risks in purchasing, we sign a cooperation agreement and take a prepayment deposit as a financial buffer. We are convinced that it is safer to buy specific and expensive equipment together. We book together, buy together, deliver together, and you distribute on your own.

You can now make a request to purchase the following items: armor, thermal imagers, sights, communication equipment (digital radios, radio repeaters, etc.). To learn more about the terms of cooperation and join the collective purchase write us on email [email protected].

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