We are asked

During the period of work of Group 35 we received a lot of requests. However, their number is ten times higher than our financial and logistical capabilities. Therefore, we have temporarily stopped the requests’ acceptance.

At present, we are concentrating on supporting individual military units.

We are implementing the “My Armour” project, where we purchase the necessary ammunition for the military forces – bulletproof vests, helmets, molle pouches, ballistic goggles and other equipment.

As soon as we continue to accept  requests, the best way is to make an official request from the military department\unit.

We prioritize received requests depending on where they came from. If the request comes from the frontline, firstly we try to ensure the delivery there. The time of the delivery is dependent on our ability to find and purchase the needed equipment and the speed of shipping it to the warehouse in Lviv. And of course, it depends on the logistics situation in Ukraine in general.

You can pick up from the warehouse in Lviv. We arrange logistics to Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv. We deliver to the nearest and most convenient place we can.

We carry out the transfer of equipment by signing the Acceptance-Transfer Act. It is important for us and for our donors to be sure that the purchased equipment was delivered to Defenders, so a photo or a video reports are much welcomed (we remove geotags and hide faces with cat-masks!) 

We are not a military market. Everything that we buy from the donated funds is given to the Defenders for free. We implement the “My Armour” project. If you need to buy a bulletproof vest, helmet, molle pouches, ballistic goggles, etc., we will arrange the common purchase: join a group of 10 people who also need this equipment. It is needed, because we take orders from 10 sets of equipment. Of course we precheck suppliers and equipment specifications.

We work with proven suppliers and stores. In addition we test the quality of the batch of armour we receive at the shooting range to make sure our soldiers are safe.