Project Description

Drones: Eyes of war, eyes of victory, eyes of the Ukrainian army

Have you seen the professional work of Ukrainian artillery? Precisely on target, with minimal deviations, and with maximum enemy losses? Every day, drones aid not only Ukrainian artillerymen, but also scouts, infantry, tankers, special forces, border guards, and rescuers. Drones are the eyes of the army and also — the security of our defenders.

The drone is a common target and does not last long. Average drone has a flight duration of up to 20-30 minutes and is quite sensitive to the effects of hostile actions of electronic warfare. We work with Ukrainian teams that “customize” purchased abroad drones, increasing their flight duration for up to 6 hours and adding a variety of functions: thermal imaging, optical reconnaissance, and resistance to electronic warfare. Drones that can take off from the hand, from a catapult or from a road.

We are also working in the direction of training pilots in those units, that are being supported by the volunteer initiative Group 35 Charitable Fund.

Not always we will be able to disclose in which units they serve or are going to. However, you probably understand how many “angry birds” the Ukrainian sky needs at the moment to make it peaceful again. You can join in supporting their flights.

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