Project Description

We support sappers and provide equipment to demine territories

Russians densely sowed our land with mines and ammunition that did not explode. Those are not only land mines and shells, but also bombs, Smerch and Grad rockets, clustermunition, tripwires, and booby traps of all kinds. They can be found both on the field and in the kitchen drawer of the released village. They are a threat to the tractor sowing the field, child in a park, or a border guard.

This ammunition will be a threat for years and decades if we do not turn the minefields of this war into peaceful fields. If we do not dispose explosive devices with the help of specialists from engineering and sapper units and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

To make our fields clean and safe, we, the Group 35 volunteers, provide modern equipment to the sapper units, which demine our cities, villages, fields, forests, and borders. Mine detectors, sapper kits, grappling hooks, remote detonators, power supplies for blasting, and protection for sappers are among the first priorities of the project. We also work with leading sapper specialists to train those who will carry out engineering investigations of the liberated territories of Ukraine.

You can contribute to this cause and support the sapper units either with money orby providing the necessary licenced equipment.

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