Project Description

A secure and reliable connection brings victory

Wars are defeated not only by courage, strategy, and strength. They are won also by the coordination of all groups, units, and troops. Connection saves no fewer lives than armor and provides no fewer victories than cannonry. Connection is the basis of troops management. Secure communication allows to keep the plans secret from the enemy, save lives, and bring victory closer.

Different units use different means of connection. According to their needs, Group 35 buys and delivers (and, if necessary, tunes) digital radios and repeaters for extending transmissions, voiceover IP systems and servers for command posts, tablets, and computers for operators, satellite and aviation communication systems. And before that — antennas, radio cables, switchboards, optical media converters and many other components of modern communications.

What Is Already Working For Victory
Our volunteers have sent to military units dozens of portable radios by Motorola and Hytera, digital repeaters, analog radios for the rear units, antenna and power systems. They work in the scouting, air defense, assault units, and aviation.

Let’s Help Together
Thousands of handheld radios are needed. And hundreds of repeaters. A large part of the equipment was destroyed after the bombing of control stations. We cannot let our soldiers have no connection — especially in areas where fierce fighting is taking place. A secure and stable connection saves lives and brings victory closer. Donate for a reliable communication here

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