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Project Description

The main activity of Group 35

The main activity of Group 35 Charity Fund is to provide specific units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the best tactical equipment. After all, the lives of our defenders and the outcome of battles depend on it. Our common goal is to help forge the victory.

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How do we work?

We find, purchase, and deliver quality equipment to different units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Protective ammunition and modern equipment help our military to be as confident and efficient as possible.

To respond promptly to the most urgent requests we carefully study the needs of the frontline and actively consult with commanders and experienced military. It also allows us to navigate the specifics of different types of equipment and select the best for the relevant units of the Ukrainian army.

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How to join us?

Thanks to the support of the donors, partners, and volunteers abroad and in Ukraine, we can deliver equipment to our fighters quickly and reliably.

Support our military and donate to bring the victory closer! And we will direct funds to the effective strengthening of defenders at the frontline.

You can also transfer equipment or machinery, and we will take care of delivering all of it to those units on the front line where it is most needed. To do this, write to us at info@group35.org.

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