Angry birds


Drones: Eyes of war, eyes of victory, eyes of the Ukrainian army Have you seen the professional work of Ukrainian artillery? Precisely on target, with minimal deviations, and with maximum enemy losses? Every day, drones aid not only Ukrainian artillerymen, but also scouts, infantry, tankers, special forces, border guards, and rescuers. Drones are the

Secure communication


A secure and reliable connection brings victory Wars are defeated not only by courage, strategy, and strength. They are won also by the coordination of all groups, units, and troops. Connection saves no fewer lives than armor and provides no fewer victories than cannonry. Connection is the basis of troops management. Secure communication allows

Main Activity


The main activity of Group 35 The main activity of Group 35 Charity Fund is to provide specific units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the best tactical equipment. After all, the lives of our defenders and the outcome of battles depend on it. Our common goal is to help forge

Peaceful fields


We support sappers and provide equipment to demine territories Russians densely sowed our land with mines and ammunition that did not explode. Those are not only land mines and shells, but also bombs, Smerch and Grad rockets, clustermunition, tripwires, and booby traps of all kinds. They can be found both on the field

Silent pros


We help special forces on the front line There are units without Facebook pages and public photos of their achievements. Whose operations will be classified for years to come, but whose soldiers create war history at this moment. Those who quietly and with surgical precision are hitting the target in the very lair

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